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– Learn the fundamentals of drawing with colored pencils within a week

– Receive budget friendly materials list

– FREE downloadable materials list

– Secret tools you would never think of using

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This is for you if...

– You are a beginner to colored pencils and art

– Enjoy relaxing videos

– Want to learn quickly without as much effort

– Are interested in taking the next step in you art skills


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?


– Yes, I am providing all this information to you completely for free within the next week


What if I do not have time?


– All the information being provided are easily accessible through your email with short videos all under 30 minutes long


Do I need a bunch of expensive supplies?


– Absolutely not, everything provided does not require more than the basic colored pencils and materials


How will I be getting this information?


– You will be provided with one email a day for the rest of the week so that you can focus on each topic before receiving the next one

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About me


Hi, I’m Lauren. I grew up living with all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds. We always had at least 4 dogs at a time throughout my whole childhood. When I got into middle school, my mom had established a pet sitting and grooming business. Naturally, I helped her with the pet sitting part. I absolutely loved running over to visit a clients dog or cat at their house.
I was always artistic. I used to draw little blob characters as a child and doodle figures wherever I was. I became interested in photography in middle school and developed my skills there until I graduated college. I was semi-successful at turning photography into a business. However, I realized that I enjoyed taking pictures for free rather than making it a job.
After college, I had some free time to explore drawing and painting. My first pet portrait was of my sister’s German Shepard dog, Charlie. The feedback was tremendous! Naturally, I invested in some high quality pencils and paper and began drawing my family’s pets for special occasions. It then turned into something I was getting paid for. And now I get to do my hobby for a living!

Featured in CityView Magazine

Interviewed by Local Journalist, Alan Williams