Colored Pencil Animal Feature Online Course

This course is for you if you are an independent thinker who is determined to learn something new. I won’t just show you how I draw animal features, I will guide you to make your own decisions. This is not a normal step-by-step tutorial, you will learn to think independently about colors, positioning, blending, and more. Most importantly, you will have fun along the way!
What you will get out of this course:

  • Eye, nose, and ear tutorial
  • Three 20-30 minute videos to follow along and use your own critical thinking
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Enjoy learning from anywhere with no time limit
  • Learn valuable methods and techniques by a professional artist
  • Share experience
  • Ask questions, share your progress, and offer solutions
  • Bonus content
  • Long Fur tutorial! You will learn how to implement all the techniques I showed you on a long fur video. This will be in depth but you will also be able to use your own critical thinking to make it in your own style.

Free Colored Pencil Materials Guide

This course includes:

– In depth materials list on a pdf and video which includes the economic materials to get you started and the advanced tools I use. Some of these tools are secret hacks to achieving a realistic looking portrait.

Blonde Fur Study

Learn what colors to use and how to use them when drawing blonde fur in a 15 minute video. Follow along at your own pace or simply watch for further study.

In depth Persian Cat Tutorial

This purchase includes:

– Reference image

– 46 slides of in depth instructions. This is a PDF that includes screenshots so you can follow along