From Stick Figures To Masterpieces (8 week program)

online classes are really hard to stick to, I truly get it.

I took several online classes when I was in college and the most difficult part was being self disciplined. I felt like I needed someone to give me constant reminders just to keep up.

after seeing the same struggle with my students (they prefer in person for this reason), I came up with a solution.

I have begun to build an interactive online drawing program.


online class problems:

– hard to stay disciplined

– easy to forget to do the assignment

– not very personal

– can’t ask questions often enough


my solution:

– it’s only 8 weeks long (won’t have to burn yourself out)

– you will get to ask as many questions as you need, and send pics, through messaging at any time

– I will send you reminders throughout the week

– you’ll get to watch prerecorded workshops so you can finish your project within that week, not on one day


what is in this program?

you will learn to draw realistic animals with colored pencils through following many detailed workshops.

by the end of the 8 weeks, you will have learned how to draw:

– curly, short, wavy fur

– white, blonde, black, brown, red fur

– animal features such as eyes, ears, and nose

– a full pet portrait tutorial of a dog

– the last week will be for you to draw your own pet or wildlife animal

you will also learn:

– how to use your own critical thinking skills so you can continue to practice after the program

– how to draw your own pet or favorite animal

– what materials are better to use to make your drawing journey much easier

– fun tools to use along with colored pencils

– a better understanding of how certain colors work together