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    This weeks discussion is on patience.
    I constantly struggle with this! I compare myself to others progress and it kills my confidence, thus loosing my patience to trust the process.

    When I’m drawing large portraits (or ones I’m not enjoying), I begin to rush the portrait and wow it is quite a disappointment!! One thing that helps me to not rush is to take lots of breaks and put on something to watch or listen to an audio book.

    What is one thing that helps you be patient on whatever topic relates to you?


    I get impatient with my art sometimes if I feel like I’m struggling with a particular section, so I rush through it instead of taking my time to make the best of each detail.

    I also use podcasts, YouTube videos, or tv shows to keep on in the background while I do something that takes time. Helps me not to over-focus on whatever is challenging me. Sometimes just taking a break is all I need too, so I can get a fresh look at it later.


    Those are great ways to keep from rushing. I like to listen to audio books the most because they are a slower pace than tv, I feel like it almost matches the pace of me drawing.

    I have noticed that over time, through simply practicing, my patience gets better. Once I know more about what I’m doing, the better I can slow down and keep at a steady pace. I hope over time that this will help you too. Practice doesn’t make perfection but it will significantly increase your skills

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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