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Rosie & Rainier

Rainier (the dog) showed up as a stray when he was a puppy. He had quirky habits like running into people’s rooms and putting his nose on them just to check on them. His tail wouldn’t wag, it was more like a helicopter! At the adoption center, the lady working on his adoption kept callingContinue reading “Rosie & Rainier”

He’s a Saint

His name really portrays his personality. He is a saint at heart! He was rescued from a shelter about a year ago and he adjusted really well with his new family. Some of his favorite things are dancing, stuffed toys, eating grass, sleeping in the sun, rotisserie chicken, car rides, being vacuumed, and more. AndContinue reading “He’s a Saint”

Abbey’s Story

Abbey loved being in the lure course. She would always have the biggest smile on her face while chasing the bunny. She’s very energetic and extraverted, which is not typical for salukis. This portrait is different from my other portraits. It’s an action portrait which easily portrays Abbey’s passion for lure coursing. What’s your favoriteContinue reading “Abbey’s Story”

Sadie’s Story

Sadie is a Chihuahua and American Staffordshire terrier mix. She is such a loving and personable dog, but only to her crew. She is loyal to her pack but will open up to females the most. Her nickname is mudge, short for curmudgeon from the puppets, as she is just like him! I blending lotsContinue reading “Sadie’s Story”

In Memory of Beau

This portrait was a turning point in my drawing skills. I took a risk and tried a different method with colored pencils and I’m very glad I did. I filled in his face with a pastel French Grey and Raw Umber using a technique called “burnishing”. I have used this technique before, in fact IContinue reading “In Memory of Beau”


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