Rosie & Rainier

Rainier (the dog) showed up as a stray when he was a puppy. He had quirky habits like running into people’s rooms and putting his nose on them just to check on them. His tail wouldn’t wag, it was more like a helicopter!

At the adoption center, the lady working on his adoption kept calling him Reindeer by mistake. The nickname stuck from then on.

As a puppy, he was a wild one! He would chew up everything in site and not listen very well.

Then came along a stray cat. She soon became his assistant. They would cuddle on the couch and she would groom him.

Rosie ( the cat) is super sweet. She showed up during quarantine and never left. She soon became an indoor cat and quickly found her favorite thing to do: cuddle.

Rainier was diagnosed a few months ago with cancer. He would soon become very sick and unhappy. His owners decided to take action and end his suffering. The day of, they gave him a full can of salmon as his last treat.

After Rainier passed, Rosie tried to cuddle with their other dogs and it just didn’t work

Rosie and Rainier just had this special bond the couldn’t be broken.

I am so happy they had this picture of the two of them laying together. It really portrays their relationship, the love and inseparable bond they had. I believe this portrait will be well cherished by their family.

Image vs drawing

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