He’s a Saint

His name really portrays his personality. He is a saint at heart!

He was rescued from a shelter about a year ago and he adjusted really well with his new family.

Some of his favorite things are dancing, stuffed toys, eating grass, sleeping in the sun, rotisserie chicken, car rides, being vacuumed, and more.

And with the likes, comes very few dislikes! Fireworks, being left alone (relatable), geese, thunder, and people touching his collar.

This is the best drawing to have started 2022 with! I am so happy with how this one turned out. The picture reference had his body blurred with his face in deep focus so I chose to replicate exactly that. It was hard not to add detail in the body but overall, I’m glad I didn’t. He turned out so precious!

What do you think of Saint’s portrait? Comment at the bottom of the blog.

Image Vs Drawing

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