Paisley and Piper

These two dogs did not get to meet each other, however, the portrait of the two is very convincing that they may have been best friends.

Piper, on the left, was a very independent, regimented scottie. She knew exactly when her feed and snack time was. She even knew where they kept her special toy, a turtle with a snack around the neck!

Even though she loved her snacks and toys, Piper was a “touch me not” kind of pup. She would allow belly rubs and snuggles for a period of time and when she was done, that was it.

Paisley, on the left, came along after Piper passed away. She is full of energy, loves the outdoors.

She can be independent but she has to know where her people are. She’s learning fast with her commands: food, treats, night night, and sit.

Both Paisley and Piper are called “Hoovers” because they both sniff every blade of grass, stick, and leaf outside!

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