Sadie’s Story

Sadie is a Chihuahua and American Staffordshire terrier mix. She is such a loving and personable dog, but only to her crew.

She is loyal to her pack but will open up to females the most. Her nickname is mudge, short for curmudgeon from the puppets, as she is just like him!

I blending lots of tan colors to create her beautiful color. She is a mix of french greys, ochres, and nougat. I was able to create depth using all different methods including burnishing.

The hardest part was the front paw and arm. There was a blanket covering part of her arm thus forcing me to use my memory and imagination to draw what her arm should look like. Her paw was very fun to draw. I had to finish off the bottom part through imagination as well and I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud of the results.

If you have a favorite part about her, comment down below!

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