In Memory of Beau

This portrait was a turning point in my drawing skills. I took a risk and tried a different method with colored pencils and I’m very glad I did. I filled in his face with a pastel French Grey and Raw Umber using a technique called “burnishing”.

I have used this technique before, in fact I often apply it in my classes. The difference here was that I blended all the colors, including the details, until it became buttery smooth.

I then applied this method for the fur on his chest, this time applying darker colors under and on top of the burnish. This allowed me to use the slice tool ( it’s like an x-acto knife) to etch away small details, making this portrait come to life with each stray hair added.

As a result, Beau becomes lifelike!

Beau was a very loving golden retriever. He was so patient and protective over his family, especially the kids

He’s known for his “golden grin” which elegantly displays in his portrait

His favorite activity was to snuggle and watch tv with his family

I’m quite proud of his portrait, he deserves to be honored in such a unique way!

Image vs. Drawing

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