In Honor of Linus Felinus

Linus passed away not long ago but he was a very loyal cat. He was the cat that would wait for his owner outside the bathroom and always wanted to be in her presence.

Linus was regal, the king, and extremely loyal. They also called him “BIG” (with all that fur) but they had cut his hair to look like a lion not long ago.

My favorite part would have to be the eyes, they share so much of Linus’s character. His whiskers are top quality! They are strong yet they want to go their own way (up, down, and bent)

Image vs. drawing

Lauren, I can’t thank you enough. I absolutely love this and will cherish it always. It has been 5 weeks today since he passed. I miss him so very much. I cannot thank you enough! You even got his crazy whisker!!!

Amy Aboumoussa

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